General Information

If you are sending us completed, print-ready files, please pass this information on to your customer service representative or to a graphic designer. Two overall considerations for submitting acceptable artwork are resolution/ size and color matching information. These considerations are critical to avoid poor quality reproduction and accurate color reproduction. 

Photos, Logos, and Origional Artwork

Miminum requirements are 300 dpi resolution at 8x10 size. Higher resolution will result in improved final product. Please provide all related PMS and /or CMYK color codes, accurate color swatches, and a layout of your design including photos, logos, and text. Fonts in vector format need to be converted to outlines or paths. Specific fonts should be requested or provided. 

Final Artwork

Minimum requirements for final artwork ready for reproduction are 100 dpi at full size. Please provide bleed, PMS and/ or CMYK color codes, and accurate color swatches. An accurate color proof print of all artwork is also very helpful. If your project needs to be cut, please provide vector die-line indicating shape and position. 

Cut Vinyl or RTA Vinyl

We require a vector file with all fonts converted to outlines. Any text smaller than .5" and/or line width less than .0625" cannot be produced. Also provide a vector die-line indicating shape and position and as always, any bleed that can be provided is helpful. Please provide color codes, swatches, and proofs if necessary.

File Formats and File Types

We are capable of working with both PC and Mac bases software. We prefer that the artwork be created with Illustrator CC 2015 or later but can take Indesign CC 2015 or Photoshop CC 2015 or later. We can use EPS, AI, TIF, PSD, high quality PDF, and some JPEG but will not accept Office Docs, Corel Draw, Quark Express or self extracting software such as .exe and .sea

Ways to Send Artwork

Artwork files that are acceptable resolution as listed will often be to large to email. Files should be sent via overnight delivery on either CD-ROM, DVD, or Flash Drive. A printed hard proof needs to accompany the files. Files may also be posted to our FTP, Dropbox, or Drive accounts (links above). We can also use your FTP, YousendIt, or WeTransfer via