Privacy Policy, Liability, Terms and Conditions

Any information that you provide to us on this website will not be sold, rented, or shared with any other party. Your artwork and images will be archived in our database for future reference, but will not be used for anything other than reproduction in the future. Graphic files are stored on one of our protected servers for a short period of time after your project is completed for the purposes of any last minute reproduction that may be necessary. For increased security measures we remove your files from our server and catalog them on external DVD-R or Bluray disks rendering any attempt to access your files impossible.

Collection of Data

Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. has no interest in collecting personal information through internet tracking or cookies. This is however our websites powered by Google and GoDaddy respectivly and you will be subject to their privacy policy. Additional privacy policy information can be found here Google / GoDaddy. The only information that is collected by Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. is information that is provided by you intended for our accounting and database purposes.

Intellectual Privacy Policy

All images, ideas, concepts and language belong exclusively to Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. Reuse, reproduction, copying, or imitating any part of this website is prohibited without the written consent of Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC..

External Links

Our website contains information from and links to other websites. Once you leave our website we assume no responsibility for the privacy of any information you may supply. 


Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. attempts to provide accurate information on this website, but it assumes no responsibility for information accuracy. Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. reserves the right to alter information on this website at any time, without notice. Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied on this site. Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. assumes no responsibility for any damages that may arise from our products or services including loss of profit and loss of data. 

Payment and Terms

Pricing for graphics and shipping are requested via a quote. Any buyer of graphics may also request a standard price list from any of the Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. sales representative. All standard pricing will be honored for 12 months from the date of the request and all quotes will be honored for 30 days from the date requested. Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. reserves the right to charge the buyer with the amount of any taxes which Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. may be required to pay. Shipping costs may also be requested by Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC.. Freight costs are subject to change and freight quotes are honored from the date the quote is requested to the shipping date that is being quoted. Payment terms for new customers are not established and Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. requires payment upon delivery. Existing customers may submit a credit report to establish 30 day term limits.


Color Gamut Digital Imaging LLC. will not produce any graphics without the approval of the buyer. Upon approval of the graphics the buyers order may not be cancelled in whole or in part unless the graphics have not yet been produced. Once the graphics are approved and produced the buyer is responsible for all charges agreed upon. 

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